True Friends

Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. While Krishna thrived as the king and prospered, Sudama went on to live a miserable life. As a poor Brahmin man, he lived in a small hut with his wife and kids. On most days, the kids wouldn’t even have enough to eat from what Sudama got as alms.

True Friends | Moral Stories in English

One day, Sudama's wife suggested that he go and ask his friend Krishna for help.

Sudama was reluctant to ask for favors, but he also couldn't see his kids suffering. So, he decided to visit Krishna. His wife borrowed some rice from the neighbors to make some snacks that Krishna liked, and gave it to Sudama. Sudama took it and set out to Dwarka. 

He reached Dwarka in few days and was amazed to see all the gold that was used to build the city. He reached the palace gates and was questioned by the guards at the palace doors. The guards were surprised, when Sudama told them about Krishna's friendship, after seeing him in his torn dhoti and poor appearance.

Sudama requested the guards to inform Krishna that his friend Sudama has come to meet him. The guard, although reluctant, goes inside and informs the king. On hearing that Sudama was here, Krishna ran barefoot to meet his childhood friend.

True Friends1 | Moral Stories in English

Krishna after seeing Sudama after long time, hugged him and welcomed him. He treated his friend with utmost love and respect. Sudama was ashamed of the poor man’s snacks he got for Krishna and tried to hide it. But Krishna saw his dilemma and asked Sudama for his gift. After that he ate the rice snacks fondly that his friend brought for him.

Krishna and Sudama spend time laughing and talking about their childhood but Sudama, overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion showed by his friend, felt uneasy asking Krishna for help. When he returned home, Sudama found that his hut had been replaced by a huge mansion and his wife and kids were dressed in fine clothes.

Sudama realized how lucky he was to have a true friend like Krishna. He didn’t even ask, but Krishna knew what Sudama wanted and gave it to him.


True friends are always there for you when you need them

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