The Midas Touch

Once in ancient Greece, there was a king named Midas. He possessed a lot of gold and everything he needed. He also had a very beautiful daughter. King Midas loved his treasure, but he loved his daughter more than his riches.

The Midas Touch | Moral Stories in English

One day, when the king was counting his money, a wizard appeared and said, "I will grant you a wish, what do you want?"

When asked to wish for something, Midas said “I wish everything I touch turns to gold”. The wizard granted Midas his wish.

Happy that his wish was granted, Midas went around touching random things in the garden and his palace and turned them all into gold. He touched an apple, and it turned into a shiny gold apple. He was very happy to see so much gold in the palace.

After a while, the king felt hungry and wanted to eat something. He asked for bread and while trying to eat it, the bread turned into gold. The king was disappointed. He could not satisfy his hunger.
Then, the king's daughter came into the room.. 

King Midas went and hugged his daughter, and before he realized, he turned her into a lifeless, golden statue!
The Midas Touch1 | Moral Stories in English

Aghast, Midas ran back to the garden and called for the wizard. He begged the wizard to take away his power and save his daughter. 

The wizard gave Midas a solution to change everything back to how it was before the wish. Midas learned his lesson and lived the rest of his life contended with what he had.


Don't be greedy. Be happy and content with whatever god has given you

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