The Golden Egg

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a poultry farm. One day in the morning, he saw a goose that laid a golden egg. The farmer was very happy and shared it with his wife. The egg provided enough money for the farmer and his wife for their day-to-day needs. The farmer and his wife lived a happy life for long thereafter.
The Golden Egg | Moral Stories in English

But one day, the farmer got an idea and thought, “Why should I take just one egg a day? Why can’t I take all of them at once and make a lot of money?” The  farmer’s wife also agreed and decided to cut the goose’s stomach for the eggs..
The Golden Egg1 | Moral Stories in English

So, the farmer cut the goose's stomach with a knife, to find no golden eggs but flesh. The farmer, realizing his foolish mistake, cried and repented on his wrongdoing but nothing could be done after that.


Think wisely before you act

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