The Cows And The Tiger

Once upon a time, four cows lived in a forest near a meadow. They were fast friends and did everything together. Together they grazed and stayed with each other, due to which tigers or lions were not able to kill them for food.

The Cows And The Tiger | Moral Stories in English

One day, the friends had a fight among themselves on an issue. Every cow had a different opinion and when they were not able to reach a solution, each cow went to graze in a different direction. A tiger and a lion saw this and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to kill the cows and have a feast.
The Cows And The Tiger1 | Moral Stories in English

They hid in the bushes and surprised the cows. The cows didn't anticipate this and were not able to fight back due to nervousness. Since, they were not together, the lion and tiger killed them all one by one.


Unity is strength

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