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=> Trees are similar to the lungs of the planet.  They really are the resources that help maintain mother earth's health.

=> Trees play a major role in our presence on this planet.  They absorb carbon dioxide and also give us oxygen which is essential for our survival. 

=> Human beings and herbivores are largely dependent upon these trees and plants as they get food from them.  

=> We also get wood to be used a fuel, latex to be used for industries and so many different items from trees.  They also supply shelter and shadow not just to humans, but also give habitat to wild life.

=> The ecological balance also is maintained by the trees.  For example, if it becomes too hot, the trees aid in bringing rain. They help in fighting acute climate fluctuations. 

=> Trees make earth appear relaxing and beautiful.  They nourish various lifeforms in lots of ways.  Planting trees increases the planet's natural splendor.  

=> Trees fight water contamination and also protect against soil erosion.  They prevent pollutants from flowing into water sources.  

=> The only real way we can protect against global warming and environmental contamination is by planting and saving more trees.  

Saving trees is equivalent to saving our lives.

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