My favourite sport - Football

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=> My favourite sport is playing football. It makes me feel fresh and energetic.

=> I play it daily after school, with my friends in the playground, behind my house.

=> Football is played by 11 players each in 2 teams. The team with maximum goals is called as winners.

=> It is also called as "Soccer" popularly in the whole world.

=> Football is a game that millions of people around the world play and love.

Playing football makes us physically fit. It also boosts the concentration of the mind.

=> Football requires a lot of stamina and physical movement on the playground.

=> Football encourages teamwork as all the players have their own roles to play in the game.

=> Football is a very fast paced game and this 90 minutes game is full of excitement and thrill.

=> It keeps the player mentally and physically healthy, and disciplined. It also inculcates sportsmanship, patience, and tolerance in us.

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