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=> A teacher is a source of inspiration for students as he/she guides us towards the righteous path.

=> Every student admires his/her teacher and wants to follow his/her footsteps in life.

=> Miss Namita Shah is my favourite teacher at school who teaches us Mathematics.

=> She is my class teacher too and takes our attendance every morning.

=> Although she is strict by nature, she teaches us Maths in a simple manner and makes it interesting for us to learn.

=> She has a pleasant personality, but is very disciplined too. She ensures that we listen to her classes attentively.

=> She listens to our questions and problems patiently and clarifies our doubts with a smile on her face.

=> She always motivates us to participate in extracurricular activities like debate and stage performances etc.

=> Miss Namita’s way of teaching inspires everyone and every student of my class respects her dearly.

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